DATES: MAR  11 - 29, 2013      
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The International Procurement program covers the institutional, legal, financial and procedural issues involved in the procurement of goods and services by public entities and discusses reform programs to improve transparency, efficiency and accountability. It provides participants with a detailed analysis of the project-procurement cycle including a full presentation of the procurement policies of international financial institutions (IFI) such as the World Bank, and comprehensive coverage of the open tender system.


Course Outline

Public Procurement Reforms

• Reform programs and approaches to enhance transparency, efficiency, integrity and accountability


National Procurement Laws and Institutions

• Differing approaches under common law and civil code systems

• UNCITRAL model law

• Transparency and accountability; ethics and corruption


International Procurement

• Policies and procedures of international financial institutions such as the World Bank, ADB, IDB, etc.


Procurement Planning

• Role and objectives

• Policy and institutional aspects

• Project cycle: procurement issues

• Procurement process under goods, works and PPP

• Budgeting, budget utilization and monitroing


Selection of Consultants

• Procedures of IFIs

• Terms of reference, evaluation of proposals

• Contracts: lump sum, time-based


International Competitive Bidding (ICB)

• Objectives, principles, and key features

• The bid package: preparation and scheduling

• Bid advertising and prequalification

• Preparation of bidding documents

• Bid examination, evaluation, and award


Other Methods of Procurement

• Limited/restrictive international bidding, national competitive bidding

• Direct purchase, shopping

• Internet bidding, electronic procurement

• Green Procurement

• Versatile and adaptive procurement


Contract Administration

• Principal types of contracts, terms, and guarantees

• Negotiation techniques

• Dispute avoidance and resolution

• Oversight and monitoring


Performance-Based Contracting


Course Advisor

Raghavan Srinivasan has over forty years of experience in international procurement of goods and services and in national procurement systems. He was Chief Procurement Advisor for the World Bank for 10 years until his retirement in 1997. Mr. Srinivasan has been teaching this course at ILI for over 30 years. Since retiring, Mr. Srinivasan has been involved in preparing Country Procurement Assessments and assisting implementation of reform projects in various countries.