DATES: APR 1 - 12, 2013    

TUITION: $4695 includes a Tablet / $3950 without a Tablet





The course focuses on providing the knowledge and skills required at each step of developing an idea into a bankable project proposal ready for financing and implementation. Selection of viable projects is a key to profitable and sustainable development. Since the global financial crisis, effective project preparation and financing has become even more critical. Through lectures, case studies, and individual and group exercises, participants will have the opportunity to experience what makes successful projects.

The seminar is intended for senior executives and managers from government and industry responsible for project analysis, economic planning, and development of new projects in organizations such as planning and project units within sector ministries, ministries of finance and planning, industrial corporations, banks, development finance companies, public enterprises, utilities, and international agencies. Introductory knowledge of, or experience in, project analysis would be helpful but not required.


 Course Outline


Project Identification and Preparation

  • Meaning & requirements


Project Development Context

  • Why this project?
  • Investment programming in the public sector
  • Project approach to investment
  • Economic viability vs. commercial viability


Assessing Project Viability

  • Technical analysis
  • Economical analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Fiscal impact
  • Cost recovery
  • Operations and maintenance


Financing and Approval


External Assistance and Multilateral Development Agencies


Sustainability and Lessons Learned

  • Risk analysis
  • Institutional aspects
  •  Environmental considerations 


Course Advisors

Mehdi Al-Bazzaz has 40 years experience as a development practitioner, trainer and teacher on issues and practices of development, including the design and analysis of projects and programs in many parts of the developing world. Mr. Al-Bazzaz is an economist with a graduate degree from London University. He has worked at the Iraq Ministry of Planning, the World Bank Institute, and The George Washington University.

 Gopi Puri - After working in the Indian Steel industry for 17 years, Gopi Puri joined the World Bank, where he directed seminars at the World Bank Institute. In 1977 he joined the International Finance Corporation, where he appraised investment proposals in several industries. He has an M.B.A. from The George Washington University and has worked with more than 80 developing countries.

 Jack Upper - Senior Advisor at ILI and former World Bank Division Chief in the Europe Middle East Region and former Ford Motor Company Financial Analyst. Mr Upper holds degrees from Yale University and the University of Michigan.