DATES: FEB 26 - MAR 2, 2018    
VENUE: ILI Headquarters, Washington, D.C., USA      
TUITION: $1995    







This course is designed for policy makers, legislators, senior officials who have an oversight role in procurement for their respective institutions. Participants will gain insight on procurement reform, and why the need for reform, international standards of procurement, the roles of the executive, judiciary, and legislature in procurement, and the tools for oversight of procurement. Participants will also get a basic overview of procurement. *Please note that this course is designed for those who have a policy or oversight responsibility of procurement; participants who have to execute and be operational in procurement should register for the International Public Procurement or Country Procurement Systems course.


Course Outline


Public Procurement Reforms

  • Reform programs and approaches to enhance transparency, efficiency, integrity, and accountability


National Procurement Laws and International Standards

  • Differing approaches under common law and civil code systems
  • UNCITRAL model law
  • Transparency and accountability, ethics, and corruption
  • Procurement as a policy tool to stimulate growth


Role of government in procurement

  • Executive
  • Legislative
  • Judiciary


Oversight tools

  • Procurement audits
  • The role of a Government Accountability Office
  • Civil Society
  • Sanctions


Course Advisors

Dr. Allan V. Burman is President of Jefferson Solutions. He advises firms, Congressional committees, federal and state agencies and international bodies on acquisition matters. Dr. Burman was the longest serving Administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, serving under 4 U.S. Presidents. He has testified before Congress over forty times. Dr. Burman holds a PhD from George Washington University, and a master’s degree from Harvard University.

Ms. Kim Phan is the Executive Director of the International Law Institute. In addition to overseeing the portfolios of the Institute, she also serves as the co-course advisor in the ILI Legislative Strategic Management course, and Leadership and Management in International Development course. She served as project director for ILI’s procurement projects and legislative-capacity building projects and has managed projects in all regions of the world. Ms. Phan has a master’s degree from Northwestern University School of Law.