DATES: SEP 3 - SEP 21, 2018    
VENUE: ILI Headquarters, Washington, D.C., USA      
TUITION: $5950    







The Procurement Integrity program covers the institutional, legal, and procedural issues involved in the procurement of goods and services by public entities and discusses reform programs to improve transparency, efficiency and accountability. It provides participants with a detailed analysis of the project-procurement cycle including a full presentation of the procurement policies of international financial institutions (IFI) such as the World Bank. The program incorporates the strategies and approaches within the United States and globally to create an organizational culture committed to high ethical standards and integrity. Participants will learn best practices on ensuring organizational procurements are performed fairly, impartially, honestly, legally, and free from fraud and abuse.


Course Outline


Public Procurement Reforms

  • Reform programs and approaches to enhance transparency, efficiency, integrity and accountability


National Procurement Laws and Institutions

  • Differing approaches under common law and civil code systems
  • UNCITRAL model law
  • Transparency and accountability; ethics and corruption


International Procurement

  • Policies and procedures of international financial institutions such as the World Bank, AfDB, ADB, IDB, etc.


Procurement Planning

  • Role and objectives
  • Policy and institutional aspects
  • Project cycle: procurement issues
  • Procurement process under goods, works and PPP
  • Budgeting, budget utilization and monitoring


Selection of Consultants

  • Procedures of IFI
  • Terms of reference, evaluation of proposals
  • Contracts: lump sum, time-based


International Competitive Bidding (ICB)

  • Objectives, principles, and key features
  • The bid package: preparation and scheduling
  • Bid advertising and prequalification
  • Preparation of bidding documents
  • Bid examination, evaluation, and award


Other Methods of Procurement

  • Limited/restrictive international bidding, national competitive bidding
  • Direct purchase, shopping
  • Internet bidding, electronic procurement
  • Green Procurement
  • Versatile and adaptive procurement


Contract Administration

  • Principal types of contracts, terms, and guarantees
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Dispute avoidance and resolution
  • Oversight and monitoring
  • Performance-Based Contracting


U.S. Anti-Corruption

  • U.S. Anti-Corruption Agencies
  • Inspector General Community
  • Oversight


Risk Framework Models

  • Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commissions (COSO)
  • Government Accountability Office (GAO)
  • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)


Got Ethics

  • Ethics & Compliance Programs
  • Whistle-Blower Protections


Procurement Fraud

  • Make-up and Schemes
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Criminal, Civil and/or Administrative


The Fraudster

  • Mind-set & Motivation
  • Elusiveness


Procurement Integrity Control System®

  • Elements
  • Criteria



  • Fraud Risk Theories
  • Proactive Approaches
  • Case Preparation


Case Study

  • Ethical Reform Movement
  • Road Blocks
  • Victories and Set-Backs


Course Advisors

Ms. Sheryl Steckler was formerly the Inspector General for Palm Beach County and the Department of Children & Families, State of Florida.  Ms. Steckler has worked in law enforcement and criminal justice related positions for over 30 years. She is presently the President of Procurement Integrity Consulting Services, a woman-owned small business specializing in developing, assessing, and structuring strategies to assure contracting integrity by mitigating the inherent risk to procurement fraud and abuse.  Ms. Steckler is currently a Certified Inspector General, Certified Inspector General Investigator and formerly a certified law enforcement officer and public assistance fraud investigator. Ms. Steckler holds a master’s degree in Public Administration and a bachelor’s degree in Criminology from Florida State University.

Mr. Tom Caulfield was formerly the Executive Director of Training for the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency.  Mr. Caulfield spent over 38 years of federal government service, his assignments included responsibilities at both the senior executive and case agent levels in law enforcement, criminal investigations, anti-fraud strategies, white-collar crime investigations, polygraph, internal oversight, and professional development and training.   He is currently the Chief Operating Officer for Procurement Integrity Consulting Services and was a member of the U.S. Department of Justice National Procurement Fraud Task-Force.  He holds degrees in Criminology and Criminal Justice and currently is a Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Inspector General, and Certified Inspector General Investigator.

Ms. Steckler and Mr. Caulfield are frequent instructors at both domestic and international forms and have published and co-published several articles on subjects related to the prevention and detection of procurement fraud and abuse. Their material has been referenced in various federal reports and book publications. Some of the articles can be found at: