The International Law Institute (ILI) is pleased to present a series of three concurrent judicial seminars focusing respectively on case management for judges, case administration for court administrators, and fair and effective trial methods for judges.  Held in the ILI’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., the seminars are led by the founder and director of the ILI International Judicial Academy, James G. Apple.

Judges and court administrators contend with nuanced and complex challenges whilst also maintaining an efficient, fair, and transparent system, independent of specific countries and legal systems. These seminars have been formulated to highlight these principles and to present techniques.  References will be made to the experience of judges and court administrators in the United States as a foundation for discussions.

The  effects of the curriculum are dualistic—both so that judges and court officers gain greater insight for the legal system in the context of the proper functioning of their government and to emphasize the full weight these individuals carry in shaping external views about the countries.  Mr. Apple notes that “foreign investors are very interested in whether a country has a fair and efficient court system staffed by well educated judges.”

Past participants have further emphasized the benefits of the course, citing the experiences derived from the program to be “enduring” and that the “interactive nature of the course is excellent."

To educate judges and administrators, these seminars will combine lectures on important subjects, both specific to each course and collaboratively. The course also integrates site visits to allow participants to observe trials and speak with judicial officials.

The seminar for The Fair and Effective Trial Judge: Methods and Techniques is to be held from 29 July – 2 August, 2019. Both the seminars Judicial, Court, and Case Management for Judges and Court and Case Administration for Court Administrators are to be held from 29 July – 9 August, 2019.

Course Advisor:

James G. Apple is Director of the International Judicial Academy, the ILI’s judicial and court center. He founded and presided over the IJA before it became affiliated with the ILI. Before founding the IJA in 1999, Mr. Apple was a senior staff member at the Federal Judicial Center where he lead the Center’s office responsible for international programs and promoting good relations between state and federal courts. At both the Center and the IJA, Mr. Apple has conducted over 200 seminars and other educational programs for judges and court offices on issues of judicial and court administration and other topics relating to the functioning of modern court systems. Before joining the Federal Judicial Center he was a practicing attorney for 25 years specializing in the trial of civil cases.

By Sarah Graham

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