DATES: JUL 29 - AUG 2, 2019    
VENUE: ILI Headquarters, Washington, D.C., USA      
TUITION: $1995    







Countries and legal systems may vary, but the qualities of a fair and effective trial judge remain consistent.  During this one-week seminar, participants will explore a variety of methods and techniques employed by judges to ensure they operate at their best throughout their careers.  In addition to lectures and in-class discussion, participants will visit, when appropriate, local federal and state courts and legal institutions to further their understanding of this complex topic. Read more...


Course Outline


  • The role of impartiality in justice
  • A judicial perspective on court and case management
  • Managing relationships between judges, lawyers, law enforcement, and administrative staff
  • The delicate relationship between the courts, the media, and the public
  • Effective communication strategies including courtroom management and drafting decisions
  • Managing procedure both in and out of the courtroom
  • Mitigating and managing potential conflicts of interest
  • Judicial and legal ethics and the role of the judge in legal discipline


Course Advisor

James G. Apple is Director of the International Judicial Academy, the International Law Institute’s judicial and court center.  He founded and presided over the IJA before it became affiliated with the ILI.  Before founding the IJA in 1999, Mr. Apple was a senior staff member at the Federal Judicial Center where he was in charge of the Center’s office responsible for international programs and promoting good relations between state and federal courts.  At both the Center and the IJA, Mr. Apple has conducted over 200 seminars and other educational programs for judges and court offices on issues of judicial and court administration and other topics relating to the functioning of modern court systems.  Before joining the Federal Judicial Center he was a practicing attorney for 25 years specializing in the trial of civil cases.