The International Law Institute would like to announce to availability of the 2018 edition of the "Digest of United States Practice in International Law", just released.


Digest Cover 2018

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Prepared by the Office of the Legal Adviser at the U. S. Department of State, the "Digest of United States Practice in International Law" is an annual compilation of documents and commentary highlighting significant developments in public and private international law. The compilation is an invaluable resource for practitioners and scholars in the field.

Each annual edition compiles excerpts from documents such as treaties, diplomatic notes and correspondence, legal opinion letters, judicial decisions, Senate committee reports, and press releases. All of the documents excerpted in the Digest are selected by members of the Legal Adviser's Office of the U.S. Department of State based on their judgments about the significance of the issues, potential relevance to future situations, and likely interest to practitioners and scholars. In almost every case, the commentary to each excerpt is accompanied by a citation to the full text. - Davis Robinson: Former Legal Adviser to the US Department of State.

Beginning with the 1989 edition, the International Law Institute has held the high honor and privilege of working with the Office of the Legal Adviser, United Stated Department of State, in the publishing of the “Digest of United States Practice in International Law” and making this important text available to governments, legal and policy experts, and academic institutions globally.

Commencing with the 2013 edition, the US Department of State and the International Law Institute have made all new editions available for download, at no cost.

US Dept. of State “Digest” Web Page:
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We believe that providing the Digest in a digital format, while retaining its book layout, will assist in: universal access, readability, archiving, as well as leveraging the enhanced functionality an electronic version offers.

Hard copies of earlier editions of the Digest are still available and may be purchased through ILI or our co-publishing partners, as listed below.



Digest Volumes1989 - 2003

Digest volumes 1989-2003 were published under agreement between the International Law Institute and the U.S Department of State. Hard copies of theses volumes may be purchased HERE.

Digest Volumes 2004 - 2011

Digest volumes 2004-2011, including the Cumulative Index for 1989-2006, and the updated Cumulative Index for 1989-2008 were co-published between the International Law Institute and Oxford University Press.  Hard copies of these volumes may be purchased HERE.  

Digest Volumes 2012

Digest volume 2012 was co-published between the International Law Institute and the American Society of International Law.  Hard copies of this volume may be purchased HERE.