The Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies hosted a conference on April 28, 2022 entitled "NATO: Strategic Lessons From the Russian Invasion of Ukraine". 

The conference and conference report provides commentatry from experts on the Russian/Ukrainine conflict; the resulting humanitarian crisis; and destabilization of the geopolitical order this confilict has created.

Contributors to this program included:

  EDITORS:  Professor Yonah Alexander and Professor Don Wallace Jr. 

    CONTRIBUTING SPEAKERS:      U.S. General [Ret.] Wesley Clark:                   Former Supreme Allied Commander Europe
Ambassador [Ret.] Robert Hunter:                  Former U.S. Ambassador to NATO
Major General [Ret.] Dr. Mihail E. Ionescu:     Professor, National School of Political and Administrative Studies (SNSPA)
                                                                         Bucharest, Romania

Professor Herman Matthijs:                             University Ghent & Free University Brussels 

  COMMENTATORS:   Professor Natividad Carpintero-Santamaria:   Professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) and
                                                                         General Secretary of the Instituto de Fusión Nuclear “Guillermo Velarde”
Professor Shimon Shetreet:                             Greenblatt Chair of Public and International Law, Hebrew University of
                                                                         Jerusalem; and Former Cabinet Minister and MK, Israel
Bruce Weinrod:                                                Former Secretary of Defense Representative for Europe and
                                                                         former Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and NATO Policy 

  CLOSING REMARKS:   General [Ret.] Alfred Gray, USMC:                  29th Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps (1987-1991);
                                                                         Chairman of the Board of Directors and Regents, Potomac Institute
                                                                         for Policy Studies 

IUCTS Nato Russia Ukraine July 2022 Cover 
Please access the report HERE