On October 6, 2010 Ms. Sharon Cromer, USAID's Senior Deputy Assistant Administrator for Africa, lectured at the ILI during the Contract Administration seminar.


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She discussed several topics including USAID"s initiative to deliver financial assistance in a more effective way as well as the roles, responsibilities and authority in the administration of contracts.

Sharon Cromer is in charge of the Africa Bureau for USAID, a bureau that manages $6.3 billion annually in U.S. foreign assistance to Africa.  Prior to this position, she was the USAID Mission Director in Nigeria.  Sharon started her career as an intern at ILI while she was a law student at Georgetown University Law Center. The ability to interact with ILI participants during her internship helped her to focus her career on international development. 

ILI participants had the chance to effect policy by discussing the new initiative from the perspective of developing countries, their concerns and the opportunities.