The International Law Institute is proud to have once again hosted the UN Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Expert Group for Working Group I, at our facilities in Washington, DC from January 26 – 28, 2011.

UNCITRAL is comprised of 6 Working Groups. Working Group 1 is primarily dedicated to Country Procurement and Infrastructure Investment and Management; Working Group 2 focuses primarily on Arbitration and Conciliation; Working Group 3 focuses on Online Dispute Resolution; Working Group 4 focuses on E-Commerce and Negotiable Instruments; Working Group 5 is dedicated to Insolvency and Economic Order; and Working Group 6 on Security Interests.

The Expert Group for Working Group 1 met to discuss final revisions to the New Model Law for Country Procurement, which is intended to assist developing countries to strengthen the integrity of their own procurement systems.

The Group met to work to finalize the law and producea "Guide to Enactment". Outputs from this meeting will be submitted to Working Group I for approval in March 2011. Working Group 1 will then further submit these recommendations for final approval of the law and a working draft of the Guide to the UNCITRAL Commission later this year, and for dissemination by the UN to country procurement officials thereafter.

Participants included Caroline Nicholas (Secretariat), Don Wallace, Jr., Chris Yukins, Keith Loken, Lisa Miller, Alison Micheli, Eleanor Andres, Zhao Yong, Julia Davis and Robert Smith. For more information on the activities of UNCITRAL, please refer to their website at .  

The International Law Institute a permanent observer to UNCITRAL.