The International Law Institute is proud to have hosted a senior delegation from provincial transportation authorities from Guangxi, China.

ILI presented for this delegation a specialized lecture series on International Competitive Bidding, Contract Administration & Project Management for Roads.

ILI wishes to extend our sincerest gratitude to Mr. Raghavan Srinivasan, (ILI faculty and former Chief Procurement Advisor to the World Bank) for his sessions on International Competitive Bidding, Financing and Regulations for World Bank and Asian Development Bank sponsored projects. ILI would also wish to thank Mr. Geoffrey Keating his contributions on Contract Administration of Large Works; Mr. Mehdi Al Bazzaz for sessions on Large Works Project Design and Preparation; Project Monitoring and Analysis by Mr. Cesar Queiroz, World Bank Highway Advisor and Lead Highway Engineer and former Deputy Director of the Brazilian Road Research Institute; Large Works Controls and Quality as delivered by Mr. Robert Youker, CEO of Management Planning and Control Systems, former World Bank Management Specialist; and Mr. Graham Myers, Sr. Civil Engineer and Director of Special Projects of Alpha Corporation and Advisor for the American High Speed Rail Association for his technical expertise on large works projects.

The International Law Institute would lastly like to thank Ms. Xiaowei Song, (practicing lawyer in Beijing and LL.M candidate at American University) for working so closely with ILI on this program.  Her ability to communicate highly technical materials was pivotal in promoting and maintaining meaningful dialogue between faculty and participants.