The International Law Institute held meetings this month with representatives of Zhejiang, China to discuss future training opportunities.

Areas of study were focused primarily on international finance, banking, insurances, risk assessment and management and capital markets.

Discussions focused equally on formal training and on practical application and observations of financial management including internships for selected participants at U.S. financial and regulatory institutions.

Meetings were held with Mr. Yu Di, from the Zhejiang Bureau of Foreign Experts, a friend of ILI and with whom we have worked successfully in the past. Representing the Zhejiang Provincial Finance Affairs Office was Ms. Chen Nin, and Ms. Yao Yao from the Zhejiang Personnel Training Center.

ILI looks forward to our continued discussions towards this opportunity and further supporting the specialized training needs within the Zhejiang Provincial government.

Representing ILI were Ms. Kim Phan, Executive Director; Robert Sargin, Deputy Director and Yue Yang, associate.

April 2011