The International Law Institute and the Lagos State House of Assembly visited the Parliament of Ghana on March 30, 2011 as part of the Legislative Strategic Planning and Management training seminar held recently by ILI in Accra, Ghana. The group had the chance to tour the Parliament, observe proceedings, and learned about the history of the Parliament from a former Clerk of the Parliament.

The group was officially recognized from the floor by the Rt. Hon. Speaker, which was also noted in the official minutes. The visit was a highlight of the seminar, which focused on managing and supporting legislatures and learning through the comparative process. The group was able to apply knowledge gained during the seminar about the US Congress together with their knowledge of the Lagos State House of Assembly and compare procedures with the Parliament of Ghana.

Thank you to Richard K. Acheampong, Principal Assistant Clerk for Parliamentary Relations for accommodating the group. Thank you to Mr. Nana Rex Owusu-Ansah for making necessary arrangements.