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Prof. Don Wallace and SAFEA Director, 
Mr. Cui Changzheng meet in Beijing


ILI is presented SAFEA Certification
at ceremony in Shenzhen


Ms. Kun Wang-ILI China Representative,
SAFEA Director Mr. Cui, and Robert Sargin



The International Law Institute is honoured to have received special recognition and official Certification by the State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs of China (SAFEA).



ILI has been officially Certified as a proven and trusted resource to provide training and technical expertise to central and provincial governments and state owned entities on mainland China as well as receive officially sponsored and State financed delegations for overseas training.



SAFEA manages, organizes and implements foreign entities to provide expert training and technical expertise to China. SAFEA is responsible for evaluating and certifying these foreign experts. Certified training organizations have undergone thorough evaluations by regional SAFEA officials, China Embassy personnel, as well as formal evaluation from its primary officials in Beijing.



ILI has been specifically certified in the fields of Law, Economics and Public Policy.



ILI has maintained a long and valued relationship with the People's Republic of China. Since 1979, when ILI Chairman, Prof. Don Wallace Jr, led the first US delegation of lawyers from the American Bar Association to China, ILI has committed itself to assist China in training and technical assistance programs across many specialized subject areas.

国际法学会与中华人民共和国一直维持着长期及可贵的友好关系。自从1979年ILI主席,Don Wallace教授,率首个"美国律师协会"代表团荣誉访华至今,ILI始终致力于协助中国在多个专项领域进行培训和技术支持项目。


For a more expansive list of programs ILI has conducted with China, please click HERE

点击HERE 以查看ILI为中国举办过的详细项目清单。


ILI fully recognizes the importance and responsibilities of this certification and stands committed to work closely with SAFEA in support its training capacity mission for China, and interests of the Chinese people.



ILI would like to specially thank SAFEA Director, Mr. Cui Changzheng for his kind consideration and approval of ILI's application. ILI would like to also thank Mr. Wei Dawei, Mr. Zheng Jie and Ms. Cui Jingqui, from the New York office of SAFEA, who provided important technical support and guidance in this most important matter.

Special appreciation is extended to Ms. Kun Wang, ILI Representative in Beijing for her expert management and administration throughout this Certification process.