Dr. Chen Fuyong, Prof. Don Wallace, Jr, Mr. Xu Jie, Madame Wang Hongsong, Robert Sargin, Anne Marie Whitesell



The International Law Institute is pleased to have welcomed representatives of the Beijing Arbitration Commission (BAC), today to discuss areas of mutual interests the areas of international arbitration, arbitral institutions and areas for possible future support and cooperation.

Madame Wang Hongsong, General Secretary of the Beijing Arbitration led the Beijing Arbitration Commission delegation. Madame Wang was accompanied by BAC colleagues, Dr. Chen Fuyong, Division Supervisor and Mr. Xu Jie, Case Manager.

         "The Beijing Arbitration Commission ("BAC") is a non-profit organization devoted to providing a forum for impartial 
          and efficient alternative dispute resolution including arbitration and mediation.

          The BAC focuses on contractual and property-related disputes, both commercial and international, among citizens, 
          legal persons and other organizations. Since its founding, the BAC has into the foremost arbitration commission in
          China. From an initial annual load of only a handful of cases, today the BAC consistently ranks among the top in both
          in the number of cases accepted and the total disputed amount.

          The BAC provides its services to both domestic and foreign parties and its Panel of Arbitrators includes over fifty
          well-established foreign arbitrators. It participates in international seminars and trains its arbitrators in international
          ADR practices." ^

The Beijing Arbitration Commission has quickly established itself as one the world's leading international arbitral and mediation bodies working in China and abroad.

Representing ILI were Professor Don Wallace Jr, Chairman, Ms. Anne Marie Whitesell, former Secretary General of the ICC International Court of Arbitration and Director of ILI's Alternative Dispute Resolution Center. Also in attendance were Robert Sargin, ILI Deputy Director, Ms. Mengqi Zhang and Ms. Shuwo Zhou, ILI associates.

In addition to matters of alternative dispute resolution, both parties discussed opportunities for exchange of personnel, cooperation of future programs, and promotion of the goals and mission of both organizations.

ILI looks forward to enhancing our relationship with the Beijing Arbitration Commission.

For additional information concerning the Beijing Arbitration Commission, please click HERE ^


June 2012