The International Law Institute is pleased to have the opportunity to continue to expand our cooperative relationship with central and provincial governments in China.

Since 1978, ILI has worked closely with China to provide technical assistance, capacity training support and expert exchanges. ILI has since been recognized by China's State Administration for Foreign Expert Affairs as a trusted and qualified training provider for government and non-government programs to train both in China and to receive delegations at our facilities in Washington, DC.

ILI is proud of our long history with China and remains committed to provide further support.


During 2012 ILI received the following delegations for training:




Shandong_2012_USTR    Shandong_2012_Group_Photo    Shandong_2012_Axxin-Bednarek

Zhao Chunyong and the delegation
discuss trade issues
with members
of the Office of the US Trade

Shandong Delegation at US Department of State Reception
Delegates complete trade studies and
mock hearing with
Michael Bednarek
at Axxin, Veltrop Harkrider.


The International Law Institute is proud to host the second lawyer delegation from Shandong Province, China participating in the International Law Institute's program on Training and Internships in International Trade Law and Economic Integration. The first delegation concluded at the start of 2012.  Our second program extended from September to December 2012.

This 3-month program was specially designed by the ILI and the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Shandong Province.  This training provides the delegation a unique opportunity to study WTO and International Trade Law, International Investment Agreements and State Dispute Arbitration, Commercial Law, US Legal System as well as internships in Washington, DC law firms.

The delegation was headed by Zhao Chunyong (Shandong Bridge Law Firm) and included Liu Jianyong (Shandong Zhongcheng Renhe Law Firm); Guan Baikui (Shandong Qingda Zehui Law Firm); Zhou Baoqin (Shandong Fortune Law Firm); Sun Hui (Shandong Bohanyuan Law Firm); Li Changying (Shandong Liwei Law Firm); Lu Xinhua (Shandong Pingzhengda Law Firm); Meng Zhaoze (Shandong Kechuang Law Firm); Shi Guangbo (Shandong Zhongcheng Renhe Law Firm); Wang Liang (Shandong Kangqiao Law Firm); Wang Xinhua (Shandong Tongcheng Law Firm); Wang Jian (Shandong Qina Law Firm); Shandong Qihai Law Firm; Wang Ning (Shandong Qingdao Law Firm); Wang Xianrong (Shandong Guoyao Law Firm); Xiao Huilong (Shandong Qingtai Law Firm); Yang Fan (Shandong Ya & Tai Law Firm); Zhang Xuping (Shandong Guojie Law Firm); Zhang Hongtao (Beijing Dacheng Law Firm); Zhang Guomeng (Shangdong Hero Law Firm); and Zhao Kaiyong (Shandong Zhongcheng Renhe Law Firm)

Many law firms, organizations and government offices contributed to this training program. Some of those contributing law firms which we are indebted to for their collaboration include: Winston Strawn, Sherman and Sterling; Akin Gump; Axinn, Veltrop, Harkrider; Meyer Brown; Holland & Knight; Alston & Bird; Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough; Paul Hastings; Grundfeld, Desiderio, Lebowitz, Silverman & Klestadt; Kirstein & Young; Chadbourne & Parke; Kalik Lewin; Thompson O'Donnell; Adduci, Mastriani & Schaumberg; Bailey Law; Appleton Luff; Stevens Lee; and Sidley Austin.

ILI also thanks members the US Trade Representative's Office; US International Trade Commission; US House of Representatives; US Senate; US Department of Commerce ; US Department of Justice; the International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes and Georgetown University Law School for their contributions.

ILI wishes to thank these firms (and the many others not listed) in providing technical expertise for the Shandong lawyers.  This program is led by Robert Sargin, ILI Deputy Director and Patrick Macrory, Director of ILI's International Trade Law Center. Programs were expertly supported by Ms. Lin Zhang, Ms. Chongxiao Liu and Ms. Tingting Li.

It is our continued hope that our training program will assist the delegation to better advise and represent trade efforts in Shandong Province.





Party_Historian-US_Senate-2012    Party_Historian-US_Archives_-2012    Party_Historian-US_Fed_Courts-2012
Historians Meet with US Senate Archivist
CCCPC Historians at US National Archives
Historians Meet with US Federal Courts


The Party Historian Delegation was comprised of senior administrators and researchers from the China National Party departments and officers of the Party History departments. This office takes the responsibility of writing the official version of party history and leading the work of the national party system.

Principal duties of this delegation include documenting, archiving and studies in China party history both domestically and internationally.

Training focused on U.S archiving methodologies; Collecting, recording and releasing information; US methodologies of collecting and preserving China history; Role of Media and independent sources in collecting, reporting and archiving government and US parties histories; Technical Means and Standards of government archiving.

Supporting ILI in this training and providing technical experts included David Schambaugh from George Washington University; specialists from the US Library of Congress; US Senate Archivists; US National Archives; Administrative Office of the US Courts.





Guizhou_SOE-Macrory-2012     Guizhou_SOE-Swiercz-2012    Guizhou_SOE-Meyer-2012
Guizhou SOE Delegations discusses
WTO Obligations with
Macrory, ILI Center Director -
International Trade

Xue Baojun, Deputy Director of State
Owned Supervision
and Administration
Commission of Guizhou Province,
Prof. Paul Swiercz a gift after his lecture.

Prof. Marshall Meyer of Wharton School
of Business discusses international market
strategies and case studies with the
SOE delegation.


The delegation is made up by government officials and senior managers of leading state owned enterprises from Guizhou province.

The training objective focused on discussions concerning Strategic Enterprise Management and Global Strategies. Specific discussions focused on the application of strategic planning and management, scientific management methods in international development strategy, human capital management, corporate reforms and the role of State Owned Enterprises in the WTO.

ILI wishes to thank contributing members Jeffery Lenn, Paul Swiercz and Ernest Forman each from George Washington University School of Business; David Robinson, SAP AG; Patrick Macrory, ILI Center Director of International Trade Law; and Prof. Marshal Meyer, Wharton School of Business for their gracious contributions to this program and to this important delegation.





Represented by several Chinese government ministries and state-owned enterprises. This delegation arrived to the US under a program funded by the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA).  Their program is being coordinated by the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) and the Department of Commerce. 

The purpose of this visit is to educate representatives on U.S. government procurement policies and procedures with the ultimate goal for China to accede to the WTO Government Procurement Agreement on acceptable terms. 

ILI met and discussed with the delegation on programs available to Chinese government staff on public procurement administration, laws, standards, international standards, government transparency and WTO requirements. 





Guangxi-World_Bank_2012     Guangxi-US_Capital_2012

Marc Juhel, Sector Head – World Bank
Global Highway Safety 
Bank initiatives and standards
with Guangxi
Highway Safety Delegation

Guangxi Highway Safety at US Captial


Comprised of members of the Highway Road Construction Technology and Management this delegation was sponsored by the Transportation Investment Group in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

The delegation's organizations are responsible for 21 highways currently under construction, valued at approximately $23 Billion (USD), making this delegation responsible for the tremendous public assets and for providing great social and economic development impact for Guangxi province.

Training focused on new methodologies utilized in US highway safety, planning and fulfillment; Legislation and funding sources; Division of responsibilities and authorities: Local v. State v. Federal Controls, Planning, Funding; Road Management Systems specializing in the reduction of accidents; Improved highway management and service; Increasing quality to users; Maximization of economics; Road Construction – [Project Management, Cost Controls, Quality Controls, Public Private partnerships]; Maintenance; Scientific Design Concepts of Highways focus on Safety and Reliability; Design/Build Public Transportation – Large Scale Projects ; External Technologies and Products to increase Safety; Traffic Control and Emergency/Temporary Traffic Control Systems; Security - Surveillance – Monitoring Systems; Weather related safety policies, systems and equipment.

Special acknowledgements are extended to Graham Meyers, VDOT engineering consultant; US House of Representatives, Committee on Transportation; Marc Juhel, Sector Head – World Bank Global Highway Safety Initiatives; Donald Karol, Director of Highway Safety – National Traffic Safety Board; and the International Road Federation.


ILI wishes to extend special gratitude to Beijing Future Land Information and Consulting Co. Ltd; Ms. Lin Zhang, Ms. Chongxiao Liu, Ms. Tingting Li, Ms. Shuwo Zhou, Ms. Xiaowei Song and the Office of Congress Person Eleanor Holmes Norton for their contributions to each of our 2012 programs. ILI's China initiatives are led by Robert Sargin, ILI Deputy Director.