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Ministry of Finance - Department of Tariff Policy   Patrick Macrory Leads Lecture on
    Trade Remedies


The International Law Institute was pleased to host a recent conference on U.S. Policies on tariff and Trade Conflicts for the Ministry of Finance - Department of Tariff Policy for the Peoples Republic of China.

The delegation was led by Mr. Wang Xiaolong, Deputy Director General, Tariff Policy Department, Ministry of Finance.  Accompanying Mr. Wang were, Mr. Wang Honglin, Director – Tarriff Policy Dept, MOF; Ms, Pang Bo,  Principal Staff – Trariff Policy Dept, MOF; Ms. Jiang Hao, Principal Staff Member – Legal Dept, MOF; Mr. Hu Shaokui, Deputy Director – Financial Dept., Jilin Province; Mr. Shao Desheng, Principal Staff – Financial  Dept., Jinagsu Province; Mr. Chan Xiao, Director – Financial Dept. Zhejiang Province; Mr. Lin Weicheng, Principal Staff – Financial Dept, Fujian Province; Mr. Luo Shiyun, Principal Staff, Financial Dept, Jinagxi Province; Ms. Wang Haiyan, Assistant Consultant – Financial Dept, Shandong Province; Ms. Jin Junrui, Principal Staff – Financial Dept of Henan Province; Ms. Long Yi, Principal Staff – Financial Dept., Hubei Province; Mr. Guo Jianhua, Sr. Staff – Financial Dept., Hunan Province; Mr. Lu Changzhen, Asst. Consultant – Financial Dept., Guangxi Autonomous Region; Mr. He Dakun, Director – Financial Dept., Yunnan Province; Mr. Li Yu, Director – Financial Dept., Shaanxi Province; Mr. Ma Dongsheng, Principal Staff – Financial Dept., Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

The conference focused on Tariff and Trade Remedies; Roles of U.S. Federal Agencies on Trade and Remedies and New Government Policies; WTO and Remedies; Provisions for Protected Industries; Cost-Benefit Analyses; WTO Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Duties Measures;  Current Studies on Protectionism; Case Studies; Role of US Customs on Tariff and AD/CVD Enforcement; and US Foreign Trade Policy, Trends and Related Laws and Regulations.

This conference was hosted jointly by Robert Sargin, ILI Deputy Director and head of ILI's Asia initiatives, and Patrick Macrory, ILI's Center Director – International Trade Law.  ILI wishes to extend special appreciation to Mr. Craig Lewis, (Partner - Hogan Lovells) and Erin Ennis (Vice President of the US China Business Council) for their important contributions to this program.

ILI would also like to thank ILI Associates Ms. Zhang Xi, Mr. Gou Rongfei and Ms. Yang Rui for their significant contributions to the formation and success of this program.