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Prof. Bui Nguyen Khanh, Robert Sargin, Prof. Vo Khanh Vihn,   Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences Conference on
Prof. Don Wallace, Jr.,Prof. Ho Sy Don,Ms. Vo Thi Vuong Ngoc   Human Rights



ILI was honored to have recently hosted a delegation from the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences.

Meetings were held between senior members of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS) and the leading American experts on human rights to provide VASS inputs and academic alliances in establishing and enhancing capacity training programs on the study and implementation of human rights in academic and legal venues. Vietnam has prioritized the enhancement of the countries human rights policies from its constitution and throughout its legal and academic infrastructure.

The Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, established in 1953 is a research institution which provides trainings to all legal practitioners in Vietnam. The delegation was led by the distinguished Professor Vo Khanh Vinh, Vice President of VASS and Director of Graduate Academy of Social Sciences (GASS). Professor Vo was accompanied by Professor Bui Nguyen Khanh, Vice Director of Institute of State and Law; Professor Ho Sy Son, Vice Director of GASS; Ms. Luu Anh Tuyet, Vice Director of International Cooperation Department; and Ms. Vo Thi Vuong Ngoc, Head of General Division of Office of VASS.

On behalf of ILI were Professor Don Wallace, Jr - ILI Chairman; Robert Sargin - ILI Deputy Director; Kim Phan - ILI Executive Driector; Professor Arturo Carrillo - Professor of Law and Director of the International Human Rights Clinic at the George Washington Univerisity Law School; Ms. Brittany Benowitz, - Chief Counsel, Center for Human Rights, American Bar Association; Ms. Monika Mehta - Law Fellow, American Bar Association; Mr. O.  Hilaire Sobers - Human Rights Specialist at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights,  Organization of American States; and Mr. Benjamin Weiner - Joffe Fellow/Advocacy Counsel on Human Rights Defenders Program, Human Rights First. ILI would like to thank all of the speakers who provided counsel and institutional support on these most important issues.

ILI would like to extend special appreciation to Ms. Dinh Thi Mai, Deputy Head of Science Management Department. Lecturer of Law Faculty, Graduate Academy of Social Sciences (GASS) for establishing this meeting and these important relationships.

ILI would also like to thank ILI Associates Ms. Zhang Xi, Mr. Gou Rongfei and Ms. Yang Rui and Mr. Thang Nguyen, American Univeristy for their significant contributions to the formation and success of this program.