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 Yonah Alexander highlights regional conflicts and the limited reach and enforcement of international standards of law


The International Law Institute recently hosted a forum sponsored and originated by the Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies; the International Center for Terrorism Studies, at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies; the Inter- University Center for Legal Studies; and the Center for National Security Law, at the University of Virginia Law School.

The conference titled "The Fog of War: Is the Rule of Law Still Relevant?" 

The forum tests conventional relevance of the intenational rule of law in light of the latest armed and social hostilities in the Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Gaza, and elsewhere. Discussion focused on current sources of law and their enforcement systems to serve the causes of stability, peace, and justice.

Speaking at the seminar was Professor Don Wallace, Jr., Chairman - International Law Institute; Professor Yonah Alexander Director - Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies; Professor David Koplow, Former Special Counsel for Arms Control - General Counsel of the Department of Defense; Professor Nicholas Rostow, Former Legal Adviser - National Security Council; Issam Michael Saliba, Senior Foreign Law Specialist for the Middle East and North Africa – Law Library of Congress; Professor Anthony Clark Arend, Former co-director of the Institute for International Law & Politics; Professor Kenneth Anderson, Professor of Law – American University Washington College of Law; and General (ret.) Alfred Gray, Twenty-Ninth Commandant of the United States Marine Corps.

Additional information on this subject and speakers may be found at the Potomac Institute: http://www.potomacinstitute.org/