China Law Society at US Supreme Court    Meeting with Scott Harris, Clerk of the Supreme Court of the United States


The International Law Institute was honored to have received an esteemed delegation of senior judges, prosecutors, legal scholars and practitioners and government representatives from China Law Society.

China Law Society (CLS) is a nationwide professional and academic organization, serving as a bond between Chinese legal professionals and legal practitioners. It plays an important role in developing the legal system, fostering legal research and promoting the rule of law in China. China Law Society, its affiliated associations and local branches have actively organized legal professionals and practitioners in China to participate in the nation's legislation, judiciary, law enforcement and law popularization activities, have conducted legal researches and exchanges of multi-subjects, multi-levels and broad-fields, thus have made certain contributions to promoting rule of law in China, and to advance the development of the rule of law in China and to advance social prosperity.

Established in 1949, China Law Society now has 32 provincial branches, 56 affiliated associations and nearly 240,000 members. It serves at a very high level of prestige and input to the Chinese government and legal community and provides substantive legal impact both domestically and internationally. China Law Society is governed by the National Congress, which is convened every five years. Headquartered in Beijing, it has 5 departments, namely, General Office, Research Department, Overseas Liaison Department and Membership Department. Publications sponsored by China Law Society including Chinese Legal Science, Democracy and Legal System and Law Yearbook of China and China Law Society have gained a great number of readers and broad social impact, which has made them the base of legal academic research. [www.chinalawsociety.com]

As a major channel of foreign legal exchanges in China, China Law Society maintains relations with more than 800 legal institutions from over 100 countries and regions globally. China Law Society maintains Memorandum of Mutual Cooperation with over 135 institutions from 88 countries. In cooperation with their international partners, China Law Society has conducted broad cooperation in mutual visits, academic studies as well as legal professional training. *

 With Frederick S. Ansell, US Senate – Senate Judiciary Committee  Presentation by Judge Carolyn Kuhl, Superior Court of Los Angeles
County on the Efficiencies and Limitations of Specialty Courts

Training focused on the selection process of judges, prosecutors from lawyers and legal scholars; judicial selection process; judicial and prosecutorial oversight and management mechanisms. 

From this training program, the delegation is responsible to provide the government of China formal recommendations of judicial and prosecutorial changes in China's new legal reform legislation.

Discussion points included U.S Legal and Court specific systems; Judicial Independence; Professional Ethics and Oversight; Judge Selection; Judicial Conduct and Discipline in US; Prosecutor Selection and Management; U.S Criminal Justice System and the Independent Role of Prosecutor; Professional advancement and cross-over among lawyers, legal scholars, prosecutors, judges and in-house counsel in the US; comparative analysis of legal community between U.S and Europe; The Role of Federal v. State Governments in the selection of Judge and Prosecutors; Court Assignment Systems; Mechanisms of Administrative Investigation, Review Corrective Action and Professional Dismissals of Judges and Prosecutors; International Legal Research; Establishment of Independent Judicial Selection Committees; Establishment of Specialty Courts, Specialty Prosecution Systems and Circuit Court Systems and Administration; among others pertinent issues.

Training was conducted in Washington, DC and Los Angeles.

The delegation was led by Mr. YIN Baohu, Director General-China Legal Exchange Center of China Law Society. The delegation further comprised of: Mr. HE Peng, Program Officer-China Legal Exchange Center of China Law Society; Mr. LIU Guiming, Chief Editor – Democracy and Legal System; Mr. LU Leyun, Executive Deputy Procurator-General – People's Procuratorate of Hunan Province; Mr. WANG Weiguo, Deputy Director General – Legal Information Department of China Law Society; Ms. REN Yishan, Deputy Director-General – Chinese Law Counseling Center; Mr. MA Guohua, Deputy Secretary-General – All China Lawyers Association; Ms. XU Wenshan, Vice-President & Secretary-General – Law Society of Guizhou Province; Mr. ZHANG Hua, Executive Council Member, Law Society of Shanghai; Mr. Yl Zhenli, Deputy Director-General –Bureau of Justice of Henan Province; Mr. SONG Zehua, Deputy Director General - Research Department Standing Committee People's Congress of Liaoning; Mr. YAO Huaixiang, President – Law Society of Jinan of Shandong Province; Mr. ZHAO Mingchao, Council Member, Prevention of Transnational Crime Academy; Mr. SHI Guoxin, Member ,Office of Reform of the Judicial System of Qinghai Province; Mr. LU Xiaochuan, Deputy Secretary-General – Law Society of Gansu Province; Mr. WANG Yunge, Judge Higher People's Court of Shandong Province; Mr. CUI Wensheng, Director – Anti-Corruption Bureau of People's Procuratorate of Dalian of Liaoning; Mr. CHEN Shiguo, Council Member of Law Society of Wuhan; Ms. LI Chen, Deputy Director– Membership Department of China Law Society; Mr. WANG Yan, Deputy Director – Higher People's Court of Tianjin; Mr. ZHU Xueyuan, Deputy Director, People's Procuratorate of Chongqing; Mr. LI Jianqi, Deputy Director- People's Procuratorate of Jiangsu Province; Mr. SU Bin - Vice President Intermediate People's Court of Xi'an.

 Mr. Yin Baohu and LA County District Attorney, Jackie Lacey  

Judge Craiq I. Iscoe, Superior Court of the District of Columbia 
presents to China Law Society 

This program was supported by ILI staff and an unparalleled assembly of training partners from the U.S. government, law firms and private sector organizations.  ILI respectfully acknowledges the immeasurable expertise, contributions and program support from Professor James Feinerman, Georgetown University Law Center; Honorable Marian Horn, United States Court of Federal Claims; Mary-Ann Burkhart, National District Attorney Association; Jim Chance, Federal Judicial Center; Monty Wilkinson and Norman Wong, US Department of Justice – Executive Office for US Attorneys; John V. Geise and Sarah Cable from the US Department of Justice - Office of Professional Responsibility; Dr. James Apple, International Judicial Academy; Frederick S. Ansell, US Senate – Senate Judiciary Committee; Scott Harris, Clerk of the Supreme Court of the United States; Robert Horowitz, Brianne Stuart, Nicole Pytlik, Arthur H. Garwin, Ellyn S. Rosen, American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative and Office of Professional Responsibility; Peter Roudik and Laney Zhang, US Law Library of Congress; Andrew Parker, Commonwealth of Virginia, District Attorney Office; Judge Craiq I. Iscoe, Superior Court of the District of Columbia; Judge William Highberger, Judge Carolyn Kuhl, Justice Lee Edmon, Judge Michael Levanas, Judge Maria Stratton, Ivette Pena, Esq., Judge James Brandlin, Judge Kathleen Kennedy of the Superior Court of Los Angeles County; Jackie Lacey, District Attorney of Los Angeles County; Terrie Cody, Marc Burnley, Sergio Gonzalez, James Garrison, Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office; Ismael Bautista, Bo Tang, Jerrod Abeles, Arent Fox LLP; Honorable J. Clifford Wallace, David Madden, US Ninth Circuit Court.



The Honorable James Brandlin, Superior Court of Los Angeles 
County Discusses Criminal Judicial Procedures [in the
notable OJ Simpson Court Room

  Ninth Circuit Court, Senior Justice, Honorable J. Clifford Wallace
presents on the US Federal Circuit Court System, Court Administration
and Appellate Procedures

The success of this program was dependent of the additional commitment and support of the following: the Office of the Honorable Eleanor Holmes Norton, Congressperson of the District of Columbia; ILI Associates Purui Zhao, Shuyu Shen, An Zhang, Jane Rudy, Yan Ding, and Yingjun Zou.

ILI would like to extend special recognition and humble gratitude to Mr. David Mao, Robert Newlen, Peter Roudik, Ms. Laney Zhang, Kimberly Zellars, Jeanine Cali and the entire the staff and security of the US Law Library of Congress and US Capitol Police for their extraordinary and most kind considerations.

Program oversight and development by Robert Sargin, ILI Deputy Director and Ms. Wang Kun and Ms. Ren Jie from Beijing Future Land Information and Consulting Co. Ltd.


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