Dr. Allan Burman discusses government contracting and procurement protocols


The International Law Institute, in collaboration with the Beijing Lawyers Association and the Beijing Foreign Studies University, has recently completed training, in Beijing, for Chinese lawyers who will be working with the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank [AIIB] as well as clients of the AIIB including vendors, sovereigns, co-investors, and related parties.

Led by Dr. Allan Burman, President of Jefferson Solutions and an ILI expert faculty, training focused on government procurement and contracting procedures, sourcing, bid and award protocols, performance based acquisitions, and the regulatory structure and oversights of each.  Dr. Burman further presented on procurement polices of multilateral development banks involved in the contracting of development projects utilizing the World Bank Procurement Framework and detailing Contracting, Compliance, Integrity and Transparency compliance.

Dr. Burman is noted for his exemplary career in the Federal government, serving in policy positions in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and in the White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) under Presidents Reagan, Bush and Clinton. As Administrator for Federal Procurement Policy in OMB, Dr. Burman authored the 1991 policy letter that established “performance-based contracting” as the favored approach for contract reform.