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 China Law Society Meeting US Senate Judiciary

American College of Trail Lawyers with Richard Busse, Robert
Goodin, Susan Harriman, 
Honorable Susan Illston, and the
Honorable Charles Renfrew (ret.) 


The International Law Institute was again honored to have received an esteemed delegation of senior legal scholars, practitioners, and government representatives from China Law Society.

This was the second program in as many years, focusing on the Distribution of Judicial Powers in the US.

China Law Society (CLS) is a nationwide professional and academic organization, serving as a bond between Chinese legal professionals and legal practitioners. It plays an important role in developing the legal system, fostering legal research, and promoting the rule of law in China. China Law Society, its affiliated associations and local branches have actively organized legal professionals and practitioners in China to participate in the nation's legislation, judiciary, law enforcement and law popularization activities, have conducted legal researches and exchanges of multi-subjects, multi-levels and broad-fields, thus have made certain contributions to promoting rule of law in China, and to advance the development of the rule of law in China and to advance social prosperity.

Established in 1949, China Law Society now has 32 provincial branches, 56 affiliated associations and nearly 300,000 members. It serves at a very high level of prestige and input to the Chinese government and legal community and provides substantive legal impact both domestically and internationally. [www.chinalawsociety.com]


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 Hon. Michael Mihm, U.S. District Court for the
Central District of Illinois
   Honorable Marian Horn, United States Court of Federal Claims


As a major channel of foreign legal exchanges in China, China Law Society maintains relations with more than 800 legal institutions from over 100 countries and regions globally. China Law Society maintains Memorandum of Mutual Cooperation with over 135 institutions from 88 countries. In cooperation with their international partners, China Law Society has conducted broad cooperation in mutual visits, academic studies, as well as legal professional training. *

The International Law Institute conducted training in 2015 with the China Law Society on “Judicial and Prosecutorial Independence; Selection Procedures of Judges and Prosecutors; and Oversight and Management Mechanisms”

That program provided the China Law Society thorough and diverse views and practices of the US judicial system and facilitated deeper comparative analysis of legal systems between US-Sino national systems, leading the China Law Society to submit a number of judicial reform recommendations upon their return to China. Selected recommendations by CLS were subsequently approved and enacted this year.

Mr. Meng Jianzhu, who heads the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission of the Communist Party of China [overseeing the Judiciary, Prosecutors, Police and Public Safety] recognized ILI’s program as being exemplary and a model for foreign legal training. The program was highly publicized in China including “Democracy and Law” a leading legal publication.

Discussion points for this training continued to focus on U.S judicial practices, polices, and oversight systems.

Training was conducted in Washington, DC and San Francisco.


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 China Law Society at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals   Bob Horowitz, Director of Professional Services,
American Bar Association


The delegation was led by Mr. XIAO Yubin, Deputy Director-General Membership Department, China Law Society. The delegation was further comprised of: Mr. SHAO Yu, Executive Vice-President Qinhai Law Society; Mr. DENG Jiawen, Executive Council Member, Fujian Law Society; Ms. JIN Nan, Director, Overseas Liaison Department, China Law Society; Mr. GAO Xin, Executive Council Member, Henan Law Society; Mr. SHEN Zhishen, Executive Council Member, Zhejiang Law Society; Mr. WU Peng, Executive Council Member, Jiangxi Law Society; Mr. LI Shaolin, Deputy Director-General Sichuan Public Security Bureau; Mr. FENG Zibao, Deputy Director-General, Ningxia Public Security Bureau; Mr. DU Hengnian, Deputy Director-General, Guangxi Justice Bureau; Mr. LIU Miao, Deputy Director-General, Shandong Justice Bureau; Mr. TANG Qingyang, Vice-President, Professor, Chongqing Party School; Mr. ZHAO Jie, Executive Council Member, Jinan Law Society; Mr. LI Yong, Council Member, Hainan Law Society; Mr. WANG Xiadong, Director, Inner Mongolia Social Management, Innovation Research Center; Mr. MIAO Lianying, Dean, Professor Law School Zhengzhou University; Ms. PENG Fenglian, Dean, Professor, Law School of Anhui Normal University; Mr. SONG Qing, Deputy Dean, Professor Low School of Guizhou Minzu University; Mr. YANG Weigui, Deputy Director, Personnel Department, China Law Society; Ms. SHEN Hui, Deputy Director, General Office Chinese Law Counseling Center; Mr. HE Peng, Program Officer, China Legal Exchange Center.

This program was supported by the gracious and expert inputs from a humbling assembly of training partners from the U.S. federal and state governments; law firms, and private sector legal organizations. ILI respectfully acknowledges the immeasurable expertise, contributions and program support from Professor James Feinerman, Georgetown University Law Center; Honorable Michael Mihm, Federal Judge, U.S. District Court for the Central District of Illinois; Honorable Marian Horn, United States Court of Federal Claims; Jim Chance, Federal Judicial Center; Lauren Mehler, US Senate – Senate Judiciary Committee; Ms. Tammy Reno and Ms. Barbara Ward, US Department of Justice; Mr. Joseph Cassilly, State's Attorney, Harford County, Maryland, representing the National District Attorney Association; Mr. Larry Moltzan, Chief National Center for Judicial Security, US Marshals Service; Mr. Geoffrey T. Cheshire, Legal and Policy Division Defender Services Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts ; Mr. Geremy Kamens, Acting Federal Public Defender, Eastern District of Virginia; Mr. Raul Ayala Assistant Federal Public Defender, Central District of California; Mr. David Porter Assistant Federal Public Defender, Eastern District of California Sacramento, CA)- Legal and Policy Division Defender Services Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts; Mr. Barry Pollack and Mr. Norman Reimer, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers; Mr. William Collins, Appellate Attorney and Ms. Janet Mitchell, Special Counsel and Supervising Attorney, Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia; Mr. Scott Harris, Clerk of the Supreme Court of the United States; Bob Horowitz, Director of Professional Services DC; Dennis Rendleman, Lead Senior Counsel, Ethics, Center for Professional Responsibility; Denise Cardman, Deputy Director, Governmental Affairs Office; Courtney Bronson, Associate Director Education, Center for Professional Development; Ms. Vanessa Hunsberger and Ms. Nominsuren Munkhuu, American Bar Association; Ms. Molly Dwyer Clerk of Courts, Ms. Lisa Fitzgerald, Chief Deputy Clerk; Kathleen Butterfield Court Historian, Mr. David Madden Assistant Circuit Executive For Public Information; Judge Marsha Berzon, Circuit Judge, and the Honorable William Fletcher, US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit; Mr. Thomas Burke, Esq. Co-Chair Media Law Practice at Davis Tremaine LLP, Lecturer at Graduate School of Journalism Univ. California – Berkeley; Mr. William Freeman, Partner - Jones Day; Mr. Jeffery Apperson – Vice President, National Center for State Courts ; Mr. Richard Busse, Partner, Busse & Hart, LLP, Robert Goodin, Partner, Goodin, MacBride, Squeri & Day, LLP; Ms. Susan Harriman, Partner, Keker & Van Nest, LLP; Honorable Susan Illston, US District Court for the Northern District of California, and the Honorable Charles Renfrew (ret.), representing the American College of Trail Lawyers.

Program development and oversight by Robert Sargin, ILI Deputy Director. Special appreciation to ILI Associates, Ms. Shuyu Shen, Mr. Lixun Chen, Mr. Zitian Sun.


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CLS at the US Supreme Court    Honorable William Fletcher,
US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit