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Group photo of Nigerian Delta State House of Assembly Delegation in Annapolis, Maryland
[Also pictured: Kim Phan, ILI Executive Director and Jeff Ziarnik, ILI Program Administrator]


The International Law Institute [ILI] was pleased to welcome 35 members and staffers from the Nigerian Delta State House of Assembly to attend our seminar on legislative strategic management and leadership. The seminar was presented from July 31st to August 4th, throughout which the participants were able to speak to and learn from professionals with decades of experience from working for the U.S. Congress.

Kenneth Kraft, a former Deputy Chief of Staff for U.S. Representative David Hobson, who has also served as a counsel on the Appropriations Committee, was the Course Advisor for this training. Mr. Kraft has worked on analyzing the U.S. budget for several years, and was able to share his insight on budget monitoring and utilization.

On Wednesday, the group from Delta State was able to travel to the Maryland State House and meet with the Executive Director of State Legislative Services. Having the wonderful opportunity to use the Joint Meeting room of the General Assembly as the classroom for the day, the participants learned how Maryland goes about their unique budget process, the role of the Governor, and legislative oversight. The group was then able to tour the Maryland State House, once served as the Capital of the United States, (as the meeting place of the Continental Congress).

To conclude the seminar, the participants were continued their experiential learning by visiting the U.S. Capitol, the ultimate site for legislative oversight. Here, the participants learned more about the founding of the United States after the Revolutionary War, and were able to put some of the topics they had learned about into perspective by seeing where legislation is created.

The ILI looks forward to working with the Delta State House of Assembly again and hopes they learned valuable skills they will be able to integrate into their own system.