The Alternative Dispute Resolution Center (ADR Center) provides training and technical assistance on a wide range of ADR related matters. The ILI understands the domestic and international need for effective dispute resolution and acknowledges that ADR makes an important contribution to commercial and economic development. The ADR Center emphasizes the importance of solving commercial and investment disputes through arbitration and mediation.

The ADR Center offers a series of training seminars, including: "Arbitration and Mediation", "Advanced Arbitration and Mediation", "Foundations of Advanced Arbitration and Mediation" and "Negotiations in International Development". These seminars provide a sound grounding in ADR theory and procedures and offer an opportunity to gain practical experience through hands-on exercises.

The ADR Center has delivered trainings in Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Chile, Turkey, Armenia, Uganda and Trainer-of-Trainers programs in Bangladesh. In addition, the ADR Center has developed special programs for Multi-Door Courts and judges to assist them in their critical task of supporting ADR programs in their countries.

The ADR Center also assists law practitioners and government officials with the drafting of mediation and arbitration laws. In addition, the ADR Center provides advice on the implementation of ADR frameworks and supports efforts to strengthen the capacity of new ADR institutions.

The work of the Center is led by the Center's Director, Anne Marie Whitesell (former Secretary General of the ICC International Court of Arbitration and Director of the Georgetown University Law Center Program on International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution), working with ILI staff and with the active and substantial participation of members of the Canter’s Advisory Committee, all of whom are experienced practitioners in the fields of domestic and international arbitration or mediation.

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Resources: Research Guide for International Commercial and Investment Arbitration




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