Procurement training at ILI is handled through its Center for Public Procurement Law and Policy. The Center was established to strengthen ILI's long-standing program of legal training and technical assistance to developing and transitional countries in public sector procurement law and policy. Viewing procurement as the cornerstone to transparency, the ILI has been conducting training programs in procurement for officials of foreign governments for more than thirty years, offering a bi-annual two week course in International Procurement and an annual two-week course on the International Procurement of Consulting Services, as well as courses on Public Procurement Policy-Making and Country Systems, Procurement Audit and Procurement Integrity: Prevention, Investigation and Prosecution of Fraud at its training facility in Washington, DC.

While we recognize the importance of procurement, we also recognize the challenges of pre- and post- procurement. ILI takes a holistic approach to this subject by offering courses on Project Preparation, Analysis, Feasibility and Financing, Project Development for Power and Renewable Energy, Project Management and Contract Administration.

In addition, ILI has conducted procurement seminars for government officials in numerous countries around the world, including Afghanistan, Albania, Barbados, China, Cyprus, Egypt, Honduras, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Kenya, Mauritius, Mongolia, Nigeria, Singapore, Slovakia, Sudan and others.

As a result of these activities, over 1,000 participants from more than 100 countries have received procurement training through ILI seminars.

ILI procurement courses are fully consistent with the procurement requirements of the International Financial Institutions (IFIs), particularly the World Bank. Participants will also learn about the UNCITRAL Model Law and procurement systems from other countries as a comparative study. Project personnel and staff from executing units and other implementing bodies are prime candidates for such courses.


  • Public Procurement Law, Policy and Institutions
  • Importance of Public Procurement
  • UNCITRAL Model Procurement Law and Guide to Enactment
  • National Procurement Systems and Procurement Reform in Developing Countries and Countries in Transition
  • WTO Agreement on Government Procurement
  • Centralized vs. Decentralized Organizations
  • Audit Mechanisms
  • Ethics and Fighting Corruption
  •  International/National Policy, Procedures and Concepts
  • Project Cycle
  • International Competitive Bidding Procedures (including the World Bank and other international financial institutions)
  • Transfer of Technology and Role of Consultants
  • Procurement Planning, Bidding Documents, and Technical Specifications
  • Notification, Advertising and Pre Qualifications
  • Sale of Goods Contracts and INCOTERMS
  • Pricing, Price Adjustment, Payment Terms, and Currencies
  • Securities, Guarantees, Delay, Liquidated Damages, Termination
  • Claims, Dispute Resolution, Applicable Law
  • Bid Opening and Evaluation
  • Project and Contract Management
  • Project Management Software
  • Types of Contracts – FIDIC Forms, BOT/BOO
  • Negotiating Skills and Techniques
  • Procurement Integrity  - Anti-Corruption Initiative


  • Nigeria – Public Procurement Reform and development of a Procurement Cadre
  • Angola – development of the Public Procurement decree, regulations and standard bidding documents
  • COMESA – Public Procurement Phase I & II
  • Vietnam – creation of Procurement Training Guidelines
  • Mauritius – Enactment of the Public Procurement Act and institutional strengthening of new procurement bodies 

Procurement advice, assistance and training, provided to institutions and individuals in government and private practice, is critical to the capacity of countries to thrive in the competitive market economy of the 21st century. In view of this, technical courses for procurement officers offered by  the ILI are supplemented by broader policy-oriented seminars for senior government officials.


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