ILI-South Africa Offers “Ethical and Effective In-House Counsel”

The International Law Institute – South Africa is pleased to introduce the online, two-week seminar “Ethical and Effective In-House Counsel” from May 5th to May 27th, 2021. This two-day seminar will focus on how to institutionalize legally binding climate change regulations in both domestic and international systems.

In this course students will gain an understanding of the role of the in-house legal department and how to determine whether an in-house role is right for you. The course will provide an understanding of how legal departments operate in the greater organizational framework, whether that is a public company, private enterprise, governmental entity or non-profit. Students will explore substantive areas of law that are fundamental to an in-house legal department, the skills that are necessary or useful to achieve success in an in-house legal career, and what to look out for while interviewing for an in-house legal position. Students will also gain an understanding of the differences in industries and companies, how in-house legal departments are treated, and the opportunities for career advancement.

This Course is perfect for private and government lawyers, government parastatals transitioning to the international public sector, law graduates, law students, and corporate secretaries with potential interest in in-house counsel.

For more information on the seminar and the ILI course advisors, visit our website HERE

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