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May 6-17, 2019

This seminar focuses on the fundamentals, recent developments, current important issues and trends in the body of knowledge intersecting finance and development. This seminar is designed to unlock and access commercial finance for development goals. The objective of the seminar is to assist policy makers and practitioners from emerging economies to develop skills and to better understand the financial elements of development initiatives through analysis and applications.


Key Topics:

  • Financial Development and Economic Growth
  • Capital Flows and Development
  • Project Finance in Public-Private Partnerships
  • Innovative Financing Mechanisms for Economic Development
  • Negotiations

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Washington, DC; 10 Business Days; Tuition $3950


October 7-18, 2019

This course highlights the major issues and procedures relating to the development and regulation of capital and securities markets in developing economies. Participants will discuss the major building blocks of an effective capital market and the policy environment needed to help its development. The course also includes issues related to the growing interaction of emerging markets with developed capital markets.


Key Topics:

  • Legal, Regulatory and Institutional Framework
  • Development of Capital Markets
  • Role of Participants in Capital Markets
  • Typical Field Trips (selection based on availability)

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Washington, DC; 10 Business Days; Tuition $3950











The International Law Institute was founded in 1955 as part of Georgetown University. Since 1983, ILI has been an independent, non-profit training institution. ILI has a long-standing track record of assisting emerging economies and developing countries in achieving economic growth through sound governance and legal infrastructure.

ILI offers training to assist government officials, practitioners and the private sector in finding solutions to the legal and economic challenges faced by developing nations.

ILI participants are exposed to the best practices in good governance, management, and transparency standards that will give them the tools to improve the performance of government agencies, promote public accountability in government and achieve economic growth. More than 38,000 participants, from 186 countries, have been trained by ILI and its global affiliates. ILI organizes special seminars and conferences in the ILI facilities and abroad. ILI also partners with many renowned organizations to co-sponsor other events which contribute to the promotion of the rule of law and international development.


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