Dear ILI Alumni and Friends,

The world is going through trying times, it has changed, and we need to arm ourselves with knowledge to prepare for a post-COVID world. The International Law Institute has redeveloped our 2020 course offerings to reflect the crisis and help governments deal with difficult issues as they guide their countries. We have created new tools and ways for you to participate with ILI. We have moved our June, July, and some August courses on-line. We have created the ILI COVID-19 Webinar Series, this is a series of free webinars lead by ILI experts to address specialized angles on how to deal with the COVID crisis. This can be found at

On-Line Training and Scholarships:

We know the best training experience is to be at ILI In-Person. During the time of COVID, we understand that we have to be apart. We have moved our summer courses On-line where the sessions will be delivered live and interactive. We do want to see you in the future for an In-Person course at ILI. Therefore, if you take an ILI On-Line course, we will extend a scholarship of equal value for you to attend a future ILI course by December 2023.

New ILI Courses for managing the crisis:

ILI has developed a series of new courses to help governments deal with the crisis.

Medical Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Medical Procurement of Supply Chain Management, and Contract Administration

Disaster and Emergency Risk Management

Achieving Food Security through Public Private Partnerships

Project Preparation to Bridge the Infrastructure Gap

International Borrowing and Debt Management, Debt Negotiation and Renegotiation

You will also find that ILI has updated many of our fundamental courses to deal with crisis. For example, International Public Procurement will have more emphasis on emergency procurement, and Contract Administration will cover more on Force Majeure.

We thank you for trusting the ILI to provide you with knowledge and tools to make good decisions. We hope you will be able to participate in an ILI program, whether by taking a free ILI Covid webinar, an on-line course, or by welcoming you back to ILI. We are with you during the good times and hard times, and we will emerge from the COVID crisis together.

Yours Truly,

Chairman's Signature

Kim C. Phan
Executive Director



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