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We know that the best training experience is in-person. We understand we must be apart during these challenging times. We are committed to maintaining ILI's training excellence during this difficult time and have moved many of our training programs – including new, highly-relevant courses – online during the months of July and August.

Online training programs are live and interactive, much like our well-known, in-person offerings. Understanding that the ILI Advantage is best experienced in-person but learning needs to take place now, we are offering the following: if you attend an ILI online course during 2020, you will receive a scholarship to attend a future, in-person training course of equal value between now and December 2023.

Remote learning, if you are unable to attend an in-person training program in Washington, DC, the ILI is prepared to make arrangements for your remote, real-time participation in our training seminars. ILI is committed to providing each participant with the very best training experiences, we stand ready to assist you in developing a plan to attend our training programs without having to travel. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your options.



Upcoming Seminars:
October 5 - 16

This seminar has a dual focus, where the first week (Oct. 5-9, 2020) explores key topics and recent developments with respect to international borrowing and debt management. The goal is to assist policy makers and practitioners from emerging economies to deal with immediate crises, plan for long term challenges in a fast changing international borrowing and debt management environment, but also to engage with the immediate and urgent challenges. There will be a topical discussion of the increasingly important role of private sector and Chinese Sovereign and State Enterprise lending.

The second week (Oct. 12-16, 2020) focuses on the strategies, processes, skills and techniques necessary for conducting successful negotiations and renegotiations in respect to international borrowing and debt transactions and obligations. The discussion will also include the realities and challenges related to the inevitable policy and political considerations, but from within the perspective of a negotiation approach and strategy.

Participants can choose to enroll in either the complete two-week seminar or in the second week only as a self- standing seminar, and will then receive a certificate entitled "Negotiating and Renegotiating International Borrowing and Debt Management Obligations"


Key Topics:

  • Financial Development and Economic Growth
  • Capital Flows and Development
  • Innovative Financing Mechanisms for Economic Development
  • Recent developments, the current crisis and possible future scenarios

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Washington, DC; 10 Business Days; Tuition $3950


October 12-16


Key Topics:

  • Negotiation strategies, approaches, processes, skills and techniques
  • Integration of political and economic realities into the negotiations process
  • Negotiating and renegotiating with international donor organizations and private sector entities
  • Debt restructuring in the light of current developments
  • Role plays and case studies based on current events and realities
  • Role of outside advisors

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Washington, DC; 10 Business Days; Tuition $3950




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