Upcoming Seminars:
July 7-18, 2014

The Legal English and Legal Writing seminar exposes foreign legal practitioners and law students to English legal terminology and usage through an overview of the U.S. legal system, contract law, constitutional law, and commercial law. In addition to learning a broad range of legal terminology, participants benefit from an introduction to the legal reasoning process in the U.S. legal system, helping them to apply the terms and concepts as they learn them and to better understand legal analysis.
Tuition: $1900
Location: Washington, DC
Duration: 10 days
July 21-August 1, 2014

In its 44th consecutive year, this seminar is designed to introduce foreign attorneys to the American mixed system of common law and statutes. Foreign lawyers will gain a better understanding of how to work within the U.S. legal system and how to best interact with their counterparts and American corporate clients. It provides a foundation of U.S. legal thinking and commercial law, as well as background into the role of common law in international and supranational organizations such as the WTO, the EU, and other similar institutions. This seminar is ideal for attorneys in corporations, law firms, and those seeking a U.S. LL.M.
Tuition: $2600
Location: Washington, DC
Duration: 10 days
*For those participants wishes to attend both Legal English and Legal Writing and Orientation in the U.S. Legal System and Business Law, ILI provides a special course combination discount of over $500.
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