DATES: AUG 29 - SEP 2, 2016      
TUITION: $1995      






All over the world, talented, ambitious women are being held back from achieving their potential at the top of organizations by a range of cultural, social, educational, and emotional barriers. The ILI Women’s Leadership Program has been designed to equip women with the career strategies and self-awareness that allow them to reach the highest levels within their organization. After attendance at the seminar, participants should leave with greater self-knowledge and greater confidence in their own abilities and leadership style. The seminar will equip participants to diagnose workplace situations, also to master powerful communication tactics, and to set a path for professional success.

The course will address the following questions: How can organizations innovate or solve complex problems if their leaders are all pressed from the same mould? How can they respond to the needs of their customers if they have no insight into half of the people who make up that customer base? How can we possibly hope to build a better world for everyone without drawing on everyone’s skills and experiences? Progressive governments and organizations have introduced well-meaning policies, but change is occurring at a slow speed. As with all complex problems, it’s going to take a range of approaches to address it.

As someone considering this program, you will have experience and will be responsible for leading others and making important decisions. As a middle-senior manager or executive, you may be moving through the organization or welcome an opportunity to re-examine your leadership reach. On this program you will be part of an international peer-group of participants working in a wide range of sectors from many regions across the world.


Course Outline


Key topics will include:

  • Leadership—aligning your leadership strategy and style with your own personal values and self-image
  • Innovation—identifying opportunities for new or enhanced products, services, and business models, while supporting entrepreneurial initiatives
  • Communication—capturing maximum value through skillful and effective communication
  • Service Management—helping your organization enhance service and differentiate on service excellence
  • Change—leading organizational change and creating an environment that inspires and sustains results-focused change
  • Values—implementing ethical communication and decision-making strategies across all levels of the organization

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how gender shapes the way power and leadership are experienced
  • Be able to diagnose situations to select appropriate individual leadership styles
  • Master successful communication tactics –how to leverage influence and achieve win-win agreements
  • Learn tactics for building effective, supportive professional networks
  • Acquire new tools to achieve balance and cultivate personal fulfillment
  • Analyze a current personal career challenge to develop problem-solving skills for immediate application


Course Advisors

Kim Phan is the Executive Director of the International Law Institute, where she oversees all of ILI’s practice areas. Ms. Phan also serves as the Project Director of all ILI projects with various donors and has worked on projects in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Vietnam, China, the Philippines, Mauritius, Angola, Honduras, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Bangladesh and the APEC region. Prior to joining ILI, she worked at the U.S. Embassy in Manila/Office of the U.S. Commercial Liaison to the Asian Development Bank where she served as the United States – Asia Environmental Partnership Liaison to the Asian Development Bank. She has a Masters in the Study of Law from Northwestern University Law School and a B.A. from Allegheny College with a focus in Nuclear Warfare Strategy. Ms. Phan is the President of the Board of the Friends of the Law Library of Congress.

Greg Swanson has over 30 years of experience serving as a senior executive and officer in both private industry and international development consulting organizations.  He has extensive business development, human resource, marketing, policy and strategy formulation experience, leading multidisciplinary teams, and promoting innovative approaches in countries with minimal institutional capacity.  He has worked in the US, Africa, Middle East, Asia and the Caribbean and served as Senior Director with various donor projects, countries and partners.