DATES:    JUNE 13 - 24, 2016



This class is designed to demystify the complexities of justice and legal system in China and to help participants thoroughly understand the law-making, implication, and enforcement process. It also includes the new legislation development (e.g., new anti-monopoly law, new foreign investment law, new national security law, environmental protection law, etc.), hot topics (e.g., equity ownership, IP protection, taxation, etc.), and ongoing legal reforms.


  • Introduction to China's legal system
  • Law Development Bodies
  • Dispute resolution in China: Litigation, Arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Investor State Dispute Settlement, International Litigation, and International Arbitration
  • Judicial and Court Systems
  • Civil Litigation and Jurisdiction of Courts
  • Administrative Law
  • International Litigation: U.S. Civil Procedure Abroad; Other Proceedings
  • Commercial Contracts and Torts in the International Setting
  • Legal Enforcement: Domestic Rulings and Foreign Awards
  • Securities and Exchange Laws in China
  • Corporate Law: Ownership Structure, Governance, and Compliance
  • Intellectual Property