DATES:    AUGUST 15 - 25, 2016


This seminar presents an in-depth survey of methods and best practices taken by governments, NGOs, and other stakeholders to eradicate corruption and promote transparency. This seminar places specific focus on the trans-national pursuit and recovery of stolen Chinese assets and the criminal suspects associated with these crimes.


  • Comparative Legal Systems Related to International Asset Recovery
  • Legal factors that hinder assets restitution
  • Asset and Sovereign Asset Forfeiture and Repatriation
  • Treaties and Judicial Cooperation
  • Regulatory process of seizure - Chinese Systems and US Systems
  • Investigating means, regulations, methods, and assistance of identifying and tracking financial assets
  • International cooperation on anti-corruption and the exclusionary rules of illegal evidence
  • The Role of INTERPOL in international pursuit and recovery of financial crime suspects
  • Extradition, prosecution, and repatriation of criminal suspects: political, treaty, and judicial obstacles
  • Discussion of the UN and World Bank STaR program and responsibilities
  • Overview of Criminal defense protections afforded international suspects: Chinese and US viewpoints
  • Legal Pursuit and Recovery of Stolen Historical items, Art, and Antiquities