The International Law Institute (ILI) is pleased to offer our annual seminar on Advanced Arbitration and Mediation in Washington, D.C., which will run for two weeks from November 6th – 17th, 2017. The first week of the seminar will cover the “Foundations of Advanced Arbitration and Mediation.” It will provide an overview of the fundamentals of arbitration and mediation in an international context and develop participants’ understanding of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. The second week will focus on the drafting of arbitration clauses as well as arbitral procedure, with the opportunity to participate in a mock arbitration.

Anne Marie Whitesell, the Director of the ILI’s Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution and Professor at Georgetown University Law Center, is the course advisor for the seminar. As the former Secretary General of the ICC International Court of Arbitration, Ms. Whitesell has broad knowledge of arbitration in jurisdictions throughout the world. Her stated goal for the seminar is “to provide a better understanding of the concepts of arbitration and mediation in order to improve these systems on both the local and international level.”

Accompanying globalization and the rising number of cross-border relations during recent years, parties have increasingly sought to settle their disputes using a method other than traditional litigation. With the support of intergovernmental organizations and the development of international conventions, arbitration has become the principal method for resolving international business disputes in an expanding number of jurisdictions. “Arbitration provides a binding process that permits flexibility and neutrality, which is well suited for international disputes” said Ms. Whitesell.

Ms. Whitesell views the Advanced Arbitration and Mediation seminar as a means to examine the growing complexity of the arbitration system. Through these two one-week sessions, Ms. Whitesell and other experts will provide the groundwork necessary for a high-level understanding of international arbitration and mediation. Lectures will be supplemented by discussions among participants, who will share their perspectives from diverse countries. In the past, the sessions have included a site visit to the D.C. Multi-Door Dispute Resolution Division to observe a live mediation case. Additionally, there will be a day-long mock arbitration exercise. According to Ms. Whitesell, “By the end of the seminar, our participants will be able to take home ideas on how to improve their own respective systems, which will contribute to the global advancement of international arbitration.”

By Kenneth Barragán

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