DATES: OCT 5-16, 2020
VENUE: ILI Headquarters, Washington, D.C., USA      
TUITION: $4200    







This course offers an intensive experience in drafting legislation. The course assists participants in mastering legislative provisions that pose special challenges to legislative drafters. Participants will draft all language necessary to develop and amend a simple bill as it would move through the legislative process and will also organize and draft a long, complex bill involving the reorganization of government bodies. Some prior experience in legislative drafting or legislation is helpful.

Course Outline


Drafting a Simple Bill

  • Learning to convert a legislative proposal into a bill for introduction in a legislative chamber

Drafting Amendments to a Bill and to Law

  • "Floor" (whole House) amendments
  • Amendments to existing law


Instruction on Specialized Legislative Processes

  • Budget and appropriations rules and problems
  • Administrative Law


Drafting a Government Grant Program

  • Instruction in selection and drafting of legislative language authorizing grants


Drafting Government Reorganization

  • Establishing a Government Agency
  • Abolishing a Government Agency
  • Consolidating Government Agencies
  • Savings ("grandfather") clauses
  • Transition provisions
  • Repeals


Drafting a Complex Bill

  • Organization of Legislative Provisions
  • Close Supervision and Review of Drafting Work


Course Coordinator – Jeff Ziarnik has coordinated over 20 high level ILI legislative drafting seminars over the last decade and in addition more than 100 other seminars, including legislative seminars not focused specifically on drafting. He has a J.D. from the Western Michigan University Cooley School of Law and has a Bachelor of Science in History and Political Science from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Prior to law school, Jeff was a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer in The Gambia.

Traditional Faculty for this seminar include:

Arthur J. Rynearson, former Deputy Legislative Counsel of the United States Senate
Anthony C. Coe, former Senior Counsel, United States Senate Office of the Legislative Counsel
Polly Craighill, former Senior Counsel, United States Senate Office of the Legislative Counsel