The Center for Comparative Legislative Management is the newest Center for the International Law Institute and was created to work with National Assemblies and Parliaments on operational and strategic issues and to help them to be more effective in carrying out their legislative mandates.

In recent years, ILI has seen increasing numbers of Members and staffs of Parliaments, National Assemblies, and State Assemblies attend ILI's training and we have increased the level of technical assistance in this area.

These training courses include: Governance and Anticorruption Methods: Effective Policy & Enforcement, Judicial, Court & Case Management for Judges, Court and Case Administration for Court Administrators, International Public Procurement, and Public Private Partnerships and Infrastructure Finance.

ILI has also designed specific courses, including:


Legislative Strategic Management and Workshop on Legislative Drafting


Both of these course examine the procedures of the U.S. Congress and U.S. state legislatures to demonstrate a more scalable model, and review legislative models in other countries, i.e. parliamentary systems, so that participants may draw upon the best practices, case studies and comparative practical experiences. The seminars are very hands–on and include site visits to legislative bodies in the U.S. and presentations by current and former staff and members of legislatures.

In designing these courses, we identified the following as some of the key issues and skills legislatures need to address: formulation and analysis of public policies, legislative drafting, the legislative process, its role in the budget process, oversight of executive branch activities, succession planning – how to maintain the work of the legislative bodies especially during government transitions and management, training, staff retention and selection.










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