Focus Areas

ILI’s areas of expertise are designed to cover the economic rule of law value chain – in other words, we recognize that the rule of law is a critical foundation of all development efforts – but there is also overlap among these areas. A particular activity might fit neatly into more than one category.

Procurement and Public-Private Partnership

Government procurement of goods and services from the private sector, and the robust increases in government partnerships with the private sector for investment in large scale infrastructure and commercial projects is responsible for both substantial national growth and development, and for significant economic pain. ILI has conducted trainings, legal and institutional reform assistance, and transaction support to developing countries for decades.

Sustainable Infrastructure and Energy

The world needs some US$3 trillion in investment in infrastructure every year in developing countries in order to meet the objectives of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). ILI’s experience in ensuring the right investment, local content, and implementation legal and regulatory strategy is decades deep.

Contracting, Trade and Dispute Resolution

Risk in contracting increases exponentially as business goes international. And, today, small and even micro enterprises are trading across borders. We approach all the aspects of contracting, trading and resolving potential disputes as related and we bring practical legal and regulatory best practice and capacity to establishing systemic improvement.

Climate Change

Climate change is perhaps the most important long term development challenge of our time, and it is, of course, intricately related to all other aspects of development. ILI integrates climate change law and regulation as well as climate mitigation into all of our programming, but we also lead the way in international legal support to introducing international and best practice legal and regulatory standards in development countries.

International Compliance

Any business, even the smallest, that participates in trade or international value chains must become compliant with a dazzling array of compliance rules. From data privacy to veterinary standard standards, and from rules set by international bodies to those set by foreign countries and even trading partners themselves, development can hinge upon its businesses’ ability to efficiently comply with the increasing number of requirements.

Financial Services

ILI bolsters frameworks that channel financial services to the economy, and especially to SMEs. Our Director of Law Reform Programs, Marek Dubovec, has advised on the drafting of over 30 laws around the world, on secured transactions, factoring of receivables, warehouse receipts, and related. ILI assists multilateral organizations with factoring reform projects in Jordan, the Ukraine, and West Bank & Gaza and supports programming with the UN Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) and the Institute for the Unification of Private International Law (UNIDROIT). ILI is a member of the Executive Committee that organizes Coordination Conferences that bring together international standard-setters and multilateral development agencies to coordinate their activities in the formulation, promotion and implementation of international standards concerning secured transactions. ILI implements projects that affect the financing of critically important assets for the mitigation and adaptation of climate change through voluntary carbon credits, digitalization of trade through electronic transferable records, designing solutions to deploy intellectual property, digital assets and other properties as collateral to gain access to credit.