The International Law Institute‚Äôs Center for Comparative Legislative Management offers advice to legislatures at the state, national, and international levels on both strategic and operational issues. The main focus of the Legislative Management Center is to assist lawmakers and staff in being more effective in their oversight and legislative responsibilities. 

The ILI examines best practices important to an effective modern legislature: formulating of public policies; a functioning legislative process; working with and oversight of the executive branch; budgeting and monitoring budget utilization; constituent service delivery; and creating a healthy set of checks and balances. Our seminars offer instruction in policy analysis and succession planning (i.e., the ability to preserve and maintain the work of legislatures particularly during periods of transition).

Through the Legislative Management Center, the ILI offers several seminars including: Legislative Strategic Management; Workshop on Legislative Drafting; and Advanced Workshop on Legislative Drafting.

The Strategic Management seminar examines the operation of the U.S. Congress and state legislatures to demonstrate the relevant of scale and to expose participants to different systems and skills. This allows
participants to decide which methods and procedures are most appropriate for their needs.

The two drafting workshops are intensive, hands-on seminars with several drafting projects. Participants enhance their knowledge and skills through practical exercises where they work collaboratively with their colleagues as well as experts in the field.

The Legislative Management Center has worked with a variety of legislatures ranging from the well-established to the newly-formed including those in countries transitioning to democracy. In addition, the Legislative Management Center has designed special seminars for legislatures including seminars designed around specific legislative proposals.

Past activities have included:

  • Federalism and constitutional reform for the Nigerian Senate Constitution Reform Committee;
  • Procurement Oversight for the Nigerian House Public Procurement Committee;
  • Legislative Management for the National Institute of Legislative Studies;
  • Training for more than 200 professionals from the National Assembly, State Assemblies, and ECOWAS Parliament; and
  • Legislative Drafting for the Lagos State House of Assembly.


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