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Because we recognize that visitors to our site may be concerned about information that is made available to us and how that information is used, we are providing this Privacy Statement to help address questions our visitors and participants may have. The International Law Institute reserves the right to modify or update this Privacy Statement at any time.

The International Law Institute is committed to protecting your privacy and to making ” ” a safe environment where you can apply to programs, make purchases, subscribe to our newsletter and news feeds, participate in forums, make donations, apply to various positions or provide your important comments.

Tracking Data

When you visit ” “, non-personal identifying information is tracked. This allows ILI to count the number of visitors to the site, identify the pages viewed most often, and determine ways to improve the site and make your experience a positive one.

Information Sharing

NO information collected via this site, whether it is personal, organizational, professional, financial, computer, or general contact information, is ever shared, rented, sold or loaned to any other party for any reason. ILI will not change this policy!

Information Usage And Security

PERSONAL INFORMATION required to submit online applications, once received, is exported from our website to a separate and secured database so that such information can be processed accordingly. No personal or professional information is ever permanently housed within or accessible through the ILI web site.

Financial Information

No financial data is ever stored on this site at any time. All forms utilized to obtain payment information are permanently cleared upon your submission of that data. That information is sent to a secured email address, where, once received and processed, those emails are permanently deleted. Donations, memberships, purchases, enrollments, and hotel payments are each processed in exactly the same manner.

For the safety of our clients, ILI does not process any online financial transactions. All credit card payments submitted to ILI are individually reviewed and processed through the accounting department. ILI utilizes an independent credit card processor who handles ILI’s credit card transactions using secure technology. The credit card processor receives your name, credit card number, billing address, email address, and expiration date. This information is needed to verify and process the transaction in a secure environment. ILI does not give permission to the processor to share this information with any other party.


ILI may use ‘cookies’ to store information in your web browser in order to track the number of users who visit ” ” to evaluate and improve the site’s navigation. Cookies do not identify an individual user.


ILI does not solicit nor does it knowingly collect any personal information from a minor.

Public Information And Public Forums

ILI does maintain ‘public’ forums (message boards). As such, information posted to public forums (message boards) is made voluntarily by you and is available for others to see. Any information submitted by you to these forums is unsecured and unprotected. Please be mindful of your input and the disclosure of any personal information you might provide in that context.

Ili Affiliates Privacy

ILI (Washington, D.C.) assumes no liability for information provided to any ILI affiliate, as they are independent organizations.

How To Remove Your Contact Information From Ili Database

Upon written request, ILI will happily expunge any personal record from our database. Financial records will, however, be maintained in accordance with law. To request your personal information be expunged, please email us at