The Private Investment in Infrastructure Center (PII Center) of the International Law Institute provides training and technical assistance related to the policy, financial and legal aspects of private participation in the building of infrastructure. Lack of infrastructure is a major impediment to economic growth in many countries. Governments which lack the resources to carry out needed infrastructure development often seek ways to obtain private sector assistance, and this has led to various forms of public-private cooperation. The design and implementation of the projects that result from this collaboration are generally complicated undertakings.



The PII Center's annual training seminar, Public Private Partnerships and Infrastructure Finance, emphasizes issues related to the design and negotiation of concessions and other forms of public-private-partnerships, and the financing of infrastructure development.

The course concentrates on topics of interest to host government officials but is also relevant for private sector lawyers, project sponsors, lenders and contractors.

The training is designed to provide an introduction to those with no previous knowledge in the field as well as an opportunity for those with a background in the area to keep up with new developments and to exchange ideas with those from other countries that have private participation in infrastructure programs. "Best practices" of private investment in infrastructure based on lessons from the experience of designing and implementing past projects will be emphasized.



In addition to its formal training programs, the PII Center provides or arranges technical assistance on matters that might arise in the course of the creation or implementation of a private financing of infrastructure program.

The assistance provided includes: overall strategy and policy advice; guidance in the selection of experts; advice on negotiating strategy, and assistance in dealing with specific legal and financial problems that might arise in the course of a particular project.










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