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Training and technical assistance programs for fostering resilience, sustainability and human development

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What We Do

Deliver Training

We train hundreds of government officials and practicing lawyers in the specialized areas of law that impact growth, fairness and the predictability of the regulatory system. Our faculty come from the world’s finest law firms and the most respected government institutions.

Provide Technical Assistance

We support legal and regulatory best practices through innovation, harmonization and comparativism. Our global team and network of legal experts are at the leading edge of law and development. They are from every real-world development field, professional environment and legal tradition, bringing pragmatic law and smart regulation to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Conduct Standards Work

We lead meaningful change through the Rules-Based International System. We work with standards-setting bodies to develop and implement practical cross-border and regional legal instruments. For nearly 70 years we have maintained relationships with the world’s economic law bodies and are today a leader in translating treaties and model laws into tools that economies and people can actually use.

Our Focus Areas

ILI’s expertise covers the economic rule of law value chain and includes the following focus areas:

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