ILI Presents Advanced Arbitration and Mediation Seminar

The International Law Institute is proud to offer a two-week seminar entitled Advanced Arbitration and Mediation from November 1st to November 12th, 2021. Course advisor, Ms. Anne Marie Whitesell, was Secretary General of the ICC International Court of Arbitration and is a Professor and Faculty Director of the Program on International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution at Georgetown University Law Center.

In today’s world, litigation is encumbered by high costs, long delays, and its limits in the international sphere. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR), in contrast, has grown markedly more popular in the last few decades as a cost-effective and time-efficient option to solve disputes. With a better comprehension of ADR options, government employees are better equipped to attract international business to their country and develop their own nation’s ADR system.

This seminar includes theoretical and practical knowledge, drawing from diverse instructors. The sessions will first address the theoretical knowledge needed to understand mediation and arbitration before transitioning into practical exercises, where participants will get hands on practice developing the skills necessary to be successful in the ADR process. The diverse backgrounds of participants will also allow for a stronger discussion of how ADR can best be utilized on an international scale.

This seminar is ideal for anyone who works in a governmental or international field or who works with contracts that may end up in a dispute.

For more information on the seminar and the ILI course advisor, Ms. Anne Marie Whitesell, please visit our website HERE.