Sheila Khama and ILI President Discuss the Ecosystem of Negotiations by States and Investors

Sheila Khama, Director of SK Resources Consulting, and Stuart Kerr, ILI President, joined together on Sheila Khama’s Extractives Podcast to discuss the “Ecosystem of Negotiations by State and Investors”. The discussion focused on considerations and strategies in planning and carrying out effective domestic and international negotiations to establish both a strong position and one that leads to a mutually beneficial outcome for all parties.

Listen HERE

Ms. Khama is Director of SK Resources Consulting [Pty] Ltd., a Botswana-based natural resources consulting firm. Prior to SK Consulting, Ms. Khama served as CEO of DeBeers Botswana and directed the mining units of the African Development Bank and World Bank. Ms. Khama is an authority on Africa’s geo-politics and the development environment and conducts business at the highest levels of government and industry.

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