ILI Co-Published “Ristau’s International Judicial Assistance” 2nd Edition


The International Law Institute and Oxford University Press have finalized co-publication of the Second Edition of the critically important “Ristau’s International Judicial Assistance: A Practitioner’s Guide to International Civil and Commercial Litigation.”

Legal practitioners of today are dealing with cross-border disputes in civil and commercial matters in an increasingly complex transnational legal environment. This edition of Bruno Ristau’s multi-volume work International Judicial Assistance brings these complexities to the fore. The revised and updated material offers background, explanations, and practical advice on how to deal with the most important challenges and recent developments in the field of transnational litigation, including issues related to the choice of forum, choice of law, service of process, proof of foreign law, discovery of evidence, and enforcement of judgments.

New to this edition:

  • Updates the first edition of Bruno Ristau’s groundbreaking work through the evolution of relevant law (domestic and international) and the increase in the number of transnational disputes involving parties of different countries.
  • Includes a wide range of new topics, such as chapters on forum selection, choice of law, authentication, proof of law, enforcement of foreign judgments.


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