ILI Partners with IFC on “Legal Skills in Private Sector Financing” in Lao PDR

From Left: Robert Sargin, International Law Institute; Thavichan Thiengthepvongsa, Ministry of Planning and Investment; Phongsavanh Phomkong, IFC’s Head of Office in Laos; Vinita Sinha, Assistant General Counsel, Asia (IFC)

The International Law Institute [ILI] is honored to partner again with the Legal Department of the International Finance Corporation [IFC] (member of the World Bank Group) to develop and delivered a joint “Certificate Program for Legal Skills in Private Sector Financing.”

Our recent program took place in Vientiane, Lao PDR from April 24 – 27, 2023. This is the fourth such program conducted. Previous programs occurred in Sri Lanka, Northeast Africa [Ethiopia Regional], and Southeast Africa [Kenya Regional].

The “Certificate Program for Legal Skills in Private Sector Financing” was designed by the IFC Legal Department to strengthen practical legal and procedural skills of both public and private sector stakeholders. The goal is to achieve national infrastructure development and sustainability goals by advancing private sector investments in emerging economies.

Lulu Baclagon, Sr. Investment Officer, PPP Advisory IFC

Lulu Baclagon, Sr. Investment Officer, PPP Advisory IFC

This is the first legal skills program conducted by the IFC in Lao PDR and precedes the advancement of new PPP laws in the country. Curriculum focused on established international frameworks for private sector financing, international best practices, public-private partnerships, diversification of financing modes, and climate and sustainable development in private infrastructure projects objectives.

The focus on private investments into Lao is an all-government commitment, and representatives from many ministries and departments participated in the program. Lao PDR is committed to developing its economy, advancing national employment and inclusion objectives, expanding infrastructure development, meeting environmental and sustainability goals, and maintaining the integrity of all governing systems.  The development of robust private sector partnerships is an important component to meeting and advancing these goals.

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